Name / Naziv: Multifunctional woven composites for thermal protective clothing / Multifunkcionalni tkani kompoziti za toplinsku zaštitnu odjeću

Acronym / Akronim: MF-WCOMPROTECT

Code / Šifra: IP-2018-01-3170

Duration / Trajanje: 15.11.2018 – 14.11.2022

Funds / Sredstva: 868.000 kn

Fabric is an indispensable element in almost every protective article of clothing and makes an important part of many protective products. Numerous and high requirements are placed on protective fabrics. By meeting these requirements these fabrics enable the protection of the human body under extreme conditions of application where the highest risks of external influences (extreme temperatures, fire, electric current, static electricity, sparks, chemicals, UV radiation, mechanical shocks, etc.) are present. Today, great attention is paid to the production of fabrics for such protection, using new raw materials and surface treatments. Single-layer fabrics with surface treatment, which are today largely used to protect the body from various external influences, have a lack of comfort because they give a sense as if the body were closed in the mould. This project will focus on the fabric design process which will result in the creation of innovative, multi-layered, breathable and lightweight fabrics that will overcome the properties of the previous fabrics in the application for thermal protective clothing. Their protective properties will be based primarily on construction fabric parameters, and also on new high performance fibres that will be woven into the upper fabric on the face side, thus providing properties of specific and strong protection, while the back fabric side will be a lightweight fabric of comfortable handle and airy structure whose characteristics will enhance wear comfort. By interlacing the two mentioned fabrics in the weaving process one compact fabric will be obtained that will have the function of a lightweight and thin composite and reflect the image of a protective high performance fabric. The compactness of such materials taking account of physical-mechanical properties gives them an advantage over single-layer fabrics and well-known composites whereby it is reasonable to achieve properties of exceptionally good strength, abrasion resistance, durability and relevant external conditions, breathability and wear comfort. The complexity of making multilayer interlacing fabrics (double faces, hollow fabrics, 3D fabrics) makes it possible to design fabrics without any limits, but at the same time it is a great challenge for their development, manufacture, scientific research and use. All of the above indicates the possibility of achieving the extraordinary functionality which justifies the use of these innovative woven composites in protective clothing.

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